Why you need an AI coach, not just an assistant

Jan 8, 2024

Remember "Gridiron Genius"? That's what I optimistically christened my NFL fantasy football team this year. Fueled by the boundless confidence of a ChatGPT-powered draft strategy (it knew everything, right?), I envisioned myself hoisting the league trophy, a veritable Napoleon of pigskin pixels. Fast forward to reality: 5th place…in a league of 6. The only silver lining? Avoiding last place thanks to my 11-year-old son, who, midway through the season, took one look at my floundering squad and declared, "Dad, this is an abomination." Thus began my coaching renaissance, my son morphing into a pint-sized Belichick, orchestrating trades, tweaking lineups, and whispering sweet nothings about "situational awareness" and "exploiting defensive matchups." The result? Not a championship, but a respectable climb into mediocrity. What went wrong?